Ararat Center News
Find out what we've been up to since we purchased this magnificent facility in 2004.


Unbelievable?  Not any more.  The digging has begun for the much anticipated pavilion and classrooms at the Ararat Center.  Although the earth makes for tough digging there, the ground is ready for footings and rebar rod placement.  We have met very few obstacles (e.g., an existing ground sewer created the relocation of the entire building 25 feet south), and the townspeople have been extremely supportive of this project.

What an exciting time for the center.  This multifunctional structure will be used for basketball, picnics and other meals for program participants, and planned classes for camps, retreats, conferences and so much more!  It is our goal to complete the structure in spring, 2007.

This is a large undertaking, but we continue to make headway due to the generous support from those who believe in the many benefits of this project.  Our significant sponsors thus far include Elaine Bakalian, Merle Santerian and Acabe Boornazian.  Other donations include architectural drawings provided by Tom Ashbahian who has given a great deal of time and talent to this project.  Robert Aroyan has also generously donated all the commercial doors and jams at the center.  In addition, he negotiated with a commercial building contactor to produce the commercial windows at a fraction of what our costs would be. 

So as you can see, this Pavilion Project is off to a great start.  However, we are still in need of your help in order to complete this project with the finishing touches such as supplies for the classrooms (desks, chalkboards, lighting fixtures), the basketball hoops, HVAC units for classrooms, bathroom fixtures, paint, and so on.  How can you assist?  Perhaps you know of a company you can contact for donations of the above.  Or you may wish to consider donating items or become a pavilion building sponsor in the amount of $5,000.  This building is going to be named after the region of Sepastia.  Maybe your ancestors came from that region.  What a nice way to remember them.  All building sponsors will be listed on a plaque to be hung within the building.    

This is a wonderful addition to the property and one well worth the investment.  We appreciate any help you can provide.  Please call 212-686-0710 ext. 120 to find out more.