Ararat Center News
Find out what we've been up to since we purchased this magnificent facility in 2004.


(GREENVILLE, NY) – The Ararat Center is being touted as a treasure located on the edge of the scenic Catskill Mountains in Upstate New York. In just two years, a variety of successful programs have been held onsite, while great strides for building upgrades and site maintenance continues. Also a Board of Directors has been established to conduct facility business. But more importantly, numerous groups and individuals have discovered the Ararat Center’s vast potential.

Are you one of those individuals? If not, consider this your formal invitation to become a part of this Diocesan-owned property. There are several ways to plant your roots and blossom with this beautiful facility which is serving as a new home for all Armenians families.

Programs & Events for Variety of Ages
First and foremost, numerous programs and events are taking place this coming season in which people may participate in. St. Vartan Camp is held for six weeks throughout the summer for campers ages 8-15. For more information on this program or how to participate as a staff member, please visit On June 16-18, the Ararat Center is hosting a Father & Son weekend. An opportunity for fathers and their sons 14 years of age and older to strengthen their bond with one another while enjoying some social time. Information on this exciting, first-time program will be released soon. The third annual Festival, open to the public, will be held July 15 on the grounds. Mark this date and take a drive to the Center to enjoy delicious food, Armenian music, raffles and more.

Check out the events calandar for more programs of interest. Or, if you or your organization are interested in holding an event at the facility, please e-mail for availability and rates.

Board Initiates Giving Campaigns
In addition to the programs and events held annually at the Ararat Center, several projects and campaigns have been initiated that will allow people to leave their mark at the Ararat Center, remember loved ones, or honor their family history.

To start, the Board of Directors has initiated the “Pathfinders Campaign.” A common area of the Ararat Center will be paved consisting of bricks engraved with the names of donors. What a wonderful gift idea for birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, and especially for your St. Vartan camper to help them remember their experience at the Center. Or simply make your support of the Ararat Center known by leaving your permanent impression through a personalized brick. There are two sizes to choose from ranging from $100 to $250.

For something more historic, perhaps consider sponsoring one of the eight buildings and several recreational areas which have been officially renamed to now represent regions of historic Armenia. Aintab, Marash, Adana, Gesaria, Malatya, Sepastia, Erzerum, Kharpert, Bitlis, Ani, Van and Dikranagerd are the regions to choose from for a donation of $5,000 or higher. Each area will have an identifying marker where a plaque with a map of the region, including the names of the cities and towns within that region, will be palced. In addition, within each building or near each named recreational area, there will eventually be a brief background of the region and an informational pictorial library.

Finally, while numerous upgrades, refreshening and renovation projects on existing buildings have been ongoing at the facility by teams of volunteers from various parishes, one new building project will begin this spring. Exciting plans for a multi-purpose pavilion and classroom area have been drawn up. This outdoor facility will double as a basketball court, as well as a chapel area and central gathering place for campers and other clients. Four classrooms will be attached to the pavilion for seasonal use and off-season storage. This particular facility will be known as the Sepastia area. Contributions towards this major building project are being accepted.

To contribute towards one of these campaigns and site improvement projects, please visit the “giving” section at Print out a campaign form of choice and mail it in with your check. Or for your convenience, you may complete a form online and contribute with a credit card through a secure server. All contributions to the Ararat Center are tax-deductible and greatly appreciated. And of course allow for the perfect opportunity to plant your roots at this ever-popular and fast-growing facility.