Ararat Center News
Find out what we've been up to since we purchased this magnificent facility in 2004.


Greenville, NY – The spirit continues to soar at the Ararat Center in Greenville, NY, nearly seven years after its purchase as the facility grows with clients and enthusiasm, while memories amongst many have already been made there. 

In January 2004, the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America boldly, proudly and wisely purchased a 65-acre retreat facility in upstate New York for the primary purpose of providing a permanent home for the St. Vartan Camp program. Since that time, this facility has evolved into so much more thanks to the diligent efforts of the Board of Directors and loyal supporters.

A sense of Armenia

The Ararat Center was named partly after Mt. Ararat because its scenic mountainous views evoke the sense of the homeland. Those who visit this facility, which is nestled on the edge of the famed Catskill Mountains, can’t help but be immersed in the feel of Armenia as the buildings and recreational areas have all been named after historic Armenian regions, namely Aintab, Marash, Adana, Gesaria, Malatya, Sepastia, Erzerum, Kharpert, Bitlis, Ani, Van and Dikranagerd.  Handsomely carved wooden signs bearing these names where hand made in Armenia and adorn each area.

Additionally, a “Founding Faithful” monument, which is a miniature replica of the Genocide Memorial found in Yerevan, is situated prominently in front of the newly built pavilion that anchors the facility. This particular monument honors those who believe in the vision of such a Diocesan-owned facility and is also a reflection of the spirit of the survivors that made America their home. Two flagpoles proudly displaying the Armenian and American flags flank the monument.

Surrounding the monument is a path of personalized bricks engraved to remember and honor loved ones. This “Pathfinders” project also serves as a touching tribute to those that paved the way for a future here in America. 

“A sense of Armenia comes alive here as soon as you step onto the grounds of this magnificent facility,” explains Thomas Ashbahian, Board Chairman. “The survival and triumphs of Armenians in America can be celebrated here for generations to come.”

Clients marvel at highly maintained facility

However, more than the feel of little Armenia, the Ararat Center has also become home to many who have already created lasting memories through their experiences at this facility.

In addition to St. Vartan Camp, several other groups and organizations within the Armenian Church have utilized this facility. Now, local area associations are also discovering the many benefits the Ararat Center holds for them. Clients can’t help but rave about the upgraded and well-maintained facilities, good food and hospitality shown by the onsite staff.

Helen O’Connor, with the New York Capital District Chapter of the Embroiderers’ Guild of America, shares this about the Ararat Center, “Our Chapter has greatly enjoyed the fantastic retreats we've had at the Ararat Center for many years. Everything about the Center is perfect for us: the light-filled, roomy facility; the unparalleled food; the casual, friendly atmosphere and terrific staff; the large, comfortable bedrooms; the pool. I could go on and on, but the fact that we return year after year, and even went twice in 2009, is proof of our devotion to this facility.”

The Ararat Center’s operating season runs from May through the end of October. During this time, clients have their choice of a variety of private and dormitory-styled room types to meet their needs. The vast property offers recreational areas ideal for sporting events and outdoor activities. An impressive 60-foot by 100-foot pavilion, with five classrooms and restroom facilities that was constructed three years ago, has enhanced the facility by allowing for a greater range of programming and events to take place.

Bookings for the 2011 operating season have already begun. All are encouraged to consider renting this facility for family reunions, church retreats, training programs, sports camps and more. Call 212-686-0710 ext. 120 or email for rate information and availability.

The Ararat Center is truly a place to call home. Discover its beauty and experience the many benefits this facility has to offer.