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Ararat Center Celebrates 20TH Anniversary of Armenia's Independence


Armenians throughout the Diocese came together at the eighth annual Festival at the Ararat Center.  Hundreds gathered under the pavilion to feast on delicious Armenian fare and visit with friends and family as they paid tribute to their brethren in Armenia to mark the restoration of the Republic of Armenia in 1991.

“There was an abundance of food, fanfare and fun,” commented Pam Talanian McGrath, Festival chair.  “This year the Festival was open to the public  - - it was nice to meet the locals.  They were awed by the beauty of the Center and happy to meet the Armenian community.”

Archbishop Khajag Barsamian welcomed Festival participants and thanked the Ararat Center Board of Directors and the many volunteers who help make the Center successful year after year.

Sosy Krikorian Kadian wrote a poem of the Center, Between Two Flags after being inspired by the magnificent setting during her first visit in 2005.  Her granddaughter, Lucine Beylerian recited the poem with pride and love.

Appointed Ambassador to the United Nations in 2009, Ambassador Garen Nazarian relayed his thoughts to the crowd on the subject of Armenia’s independence.

Throughout the afternoon, festival attendees were treated to a tour of the facility, Armenian music, and swimming in the Center’s pool.  During the tour, many newcomers were able to view the buildings; each is named after an ancient Armenian city—Adana, Aintab, Ani, Bitlis, Dikranagerd, Erzurum, Gesaria, Kharpert, Malatya, Marash, Sepastia, and Van.

“In spite of very warm weather, we were successful getting our message out to the participants that the Ararat Center is a place to call home . . . Where memories are created, shared and cherished for generations to come and that is what took place on Saturday, July 23 at our 8th annual Festival.” added Rose Najarian, Chair of the Ararat Center Board of Directors.