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Food For Thought, Spring, 2016

Imagine your self on a gondola ride peacefully journeying through the
waterways of Venice.  Or perhaps in an auto driving up and down the golden hills
of Tuscany.  Looking from your window, a blur of sweet smelling orchards and
fields of vineyards are full of grapes for this years harvest.  Perhaps you could find
yourself walking through the streets Rome and pass a small shop noticing the
smell of thinly crisp pizza calling you in.

Whether you speak Italian or not, good Italian food is truly a universal
language.  Our executive chef at the Ararat Youth and Conference Center has
something very special planned for Saturday May 21.  Join us in Greenville for
our first annual Italian Festival beginning at 6:30 p.m. 

Chef Paul Ventura tells us that “this is not a spaghetti and meatballs
dinner”.  We have done the research and with over 40 years experience with
Italian cuisine, we promise this to be a very memorable event. The menu spans
many regions of Italy and is going to be very authentic.

There will be live music featuring all sounds of Italy right here in our
dinning room.  A fine selection of beer and wine is also included in the package.
This is one event you do not want to miss. Do you need to be tempted further .  .  .  
Okay, fresh baked Italian Sesame Semolina bread, tender juicy veal sauté to
perfection, pasta, tender but firm, unlike anything you have ever sampled before.
For dessert, how about homemade Sicilian cannoli, classic cheesecake done
in the Roman style, biscotti, cookies and more.  All this for $40. 
What better way to welcome spring. If you so choose, make a weekend of it
with an overnight stay at one of our rooms. Overnight packages include our
country breakfast buffet Sunday morning. Plan early, for reservations call Paul at
518-966-8000. Oh, and bring your appetite.