Ararat Center News
Find out what we've been up to since we purchased this magnificent facility in 2004.


GREENVILLE, NY – Perpetuate the name of a friend or family member and share in the future of the Ararat Center by purchasing an engraved brick just in time for the gift-giving season.

Currently the Ararat Center, located in upstate New York, proudly displays 250 personalized bricks that surround the Founding Faithful monument and survivors dedication area. This particular area at the Ararat Center serves not only as a tribute to those who survived many adversities to “pave the way” for future generations of American-Armenians, but also to leave one’s permanent mark in support of this facility.

Donors have a choice of either a 4 x 8” brick for $100 or an 8 x 8” brick for $250. A certificate of ownership is forwarded upon receiving the order.

The Ararat Center, purchased in 2004 by the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern), is located 30 miles south of Albany, NY, on the edge of the scenic Catskill Mountains. This facility serves as the home for the St. Vartan Camp program as well as many other church-affiliated organizations.

After the facility was blessed by Archbishop Khajag Barsmian using soil from Armenia, the facility named their building and recreational areas after historic Armenian regions. Together with the Founding Faithful monument that depicts the Genocide Memorial in Yerevan, a little Armenia of sorts is being created at the Ararat Center.

Words describing this monument as well as the overall spirit of the Ararat Center, are clearly stated by William Saroyan on a large paver at the center of the walkway: "See if they will not laugh again, see if they will not sing and pray again, for when two of them meet anywhere in the world, see if they will not create a new Armenia."

Consider purchasing a personalized brick today and be a part of creating that “new Armenia” at the Ararat Center. To purchase your personalized brick and receive your certificate of ownership in time to wrap and place under the Christmas tree, visit or call 508-435-6005.