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August 5 (Greenville, NY) – Quantity versus quality is the age-old debate in parental time management. Of course, both are equally important for an optimum, healthy and loving relationship. During the weekend of September 14-16, fathers and sons will have the opportunity to experience both quality and quantity in their relationship with each other. Co-sponsoring the event, the Ararat Center Board of Directors and St. Nersess Armenian Seminary are together making plans for the 2nd annual Father and Son weekend to be held at the Ararat Center in upstate New York.

Fathers with their sons are invited to participate in a weekend filled with outdoor activities, casual sports, relaxing campfires, and great food and fellowship. This weekend is intended to give fathers and sons time to explore their relationship by discussing, listening, and simply sharing with each other through guided activities. Social activities will also be offered which may include golfing, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, a trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, a sightseeing cruise on the Hudson River, apple picking at a local farm, canoeing or simply relaxing at the Ararat Center.

One of the goals of the weekend is to offer fathers and sons a hope-filled environment to embrace, care and recommit the familial love they have for each other; a love that is truly unique and indescribable only found in the distinctive Father-Son relationship.

The facilitator for the weekend is Fr. Stepanos Doudoukjian, the newly assigned Director of Youth and Vocations for St. Nersess Armenian Seminary. He is excited to lead the Father and Son weekend and looks forward to learning from the participants, as he himself has a six-year-old son.

“It is a unique gift to be a father and truly a God-given blessing to be bestowed a son. Both fathers and sons have a responsibility to create and then solidify bonds between them that will be essential for life,” noted Fr. Doudoukjian.

The weekend is open to fathers of all ages and their sons who are of age 12 and older. In addition, grandfathers & grandsons, Godfathers & Godsons, and uncles & nephew teams are also welcomed.

It is the Ararat Center and St. Nersess Armenian Seminary’s wish that these generational relationships will come together, learn from each other and create special memories that provide a source of strength in the many challenges that families face in their daily lives.

The Ararat Center is located in Greenville, NY, nestled on the edge of the scenic Catskill Mountains. The property sits on 65 acres of beautiful, serene, picturesque land conducive to a getaway weekend such as the Father and Son program.

Two weekend package plans are available that include lodging, meals and snacks, program and materials, onsite activities and a participant shirt. To download an application, please visit our Father & Son Event Page or Or call 518-783-7448 for more information.