Ararat Center News
Find out what we've been up to since we purchased this magnificent facility in 2004.


The Ararat Center pavilion construction continues to make impressive progress. The foundation for the 60 x 100 foot pavilion and the five attached classrooms in the back has been layed. Completion of this exciting project will be in spring 2007. This overall structure -- which will also house a basketball court and bathrooms -- will greatly enhance the Ararat Center and allow everyone in our Diocese and the community-at-large unique opportunities for use, including:

  • Picnics
  • Retreats, conferences and meetings
  • Sports events
  • Cultural events / courses
  • Concert / dances
  • Vendor fair

In addition to completion of the pavilion, the Ararat Center Board of Directors is also planning to finalize the commemorative walkway and survivors/founding faithful memorial before the beginning of the 2007 season. Appreciation is extended to those who have supported the brick campaign for the Center during this Christmas season. Even as the walkway may be completed by 2007, personalized bricks may still be purchased as this campaign is ongoing. Blank bricks will be substituted with the new bricks purchased. Please consider joining the hundreds of others who have taken the opportunity to make their permanent mark at the Center through these bricks and other giving opportunities.

For more information and photos on the pavilion project progress, and how you can assist with it's completion, please visit

We encourage all of you to find comfort in utilizing the Ararat Center as it belongs to all parishes and parishioners of this Diocese. For more information on how to rent the facility, please contact 212-686-0710 ext. 120 or e-mail