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Armenian history highlighted at Ararat Center

The Ararat Center buildings and recreational areas have been officially renamed to now represent regions of historic Armenia. Aintab, Marash, Adana, Gesaria, Malatya, Sepastia, Erzerum, Kharpert, Bitlis, Ani, Van, and Dikranagerd will be the new names commonly referred to amongst campers and other guests of the facility.

Each area will have an identifying marker where a plaque with a map of the region, including the names of the cities and towns within that region, will be placed. In addition, within each building or near each area renamed, there will eventually be a brief history of the regional and informational library by use of pictures. A list of those who sponsored the facility or area (donating at least $5,000 and above) will appear on a plaque inside the building or near the area.

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